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Grimsby Town Station in 1970`s

(authors collection)

The Western end of Grimsby Town station in 1970, with a Cleethorpes bound dmu at platform 1,on left, an

East Lincolnshire line train at platform 2 and a dmu signalled to depart platform 3.

(authors collection)

Wellowgate level crossing and signalbox taken from footbridge in 1972.

Clearly seen beyond signalbox is the disused cattle dock and beyond that Deansgate bridge.

(authors collection)

Platform 3 at Town station in 1970, showing the through platform, avoiding lines and sidings.

Also in picture are the Moss Road power station cooling towers.

(authors collection)

Platform 3 looking towards Wellowgate level crossing also 1970. Note through lines on left of picture.

(authors collection)

Looking towards Garden Street level crossing from platform 2 of Grimsby Town station 1970

(authors collection)

View of platform 1 & 2 from station footbridge. The centre track was used for carriage storage.

2 examples of platform ticket from Grimsby Town (courtesy of Dave Bell).