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Web 1.1 - Building The New Old Web

Welcome to the New Old Web

Tired of the modern Internet's seemingly endless supply of ads, trackers, popups, and bloat? Don't you wish to go back to a simpler time, before the Web got fat, noisy, and monetized? Well, we do too. Enter Web 1.1, the modern revival of the legendary Web 1.0.

What is Web 1.1?

The Web 1.1 collaborative initiative is not only a set of technical standards to build websites under for the best efficiency, performance, and accessibility when visiting them from environments with extremely limited resources, but also a volunteer-supported network of websites built with different values in mind than what contemporary sites have traditionally pivoted towards.

Web 1.1's design standards are structured as follows:

o HTML4 or lower

o CSS2 or lower

o Relatively frugal to no use of embedded images and video

o Heavily restricted to no use of JavaScript in all forms

o No SSL or TLS encryption

Designing websites in accordance with these standards ensures that the site will not only perform well everywhere, but also be accessible from anywhere - even Internet Explorer 5 or Netscape 6.

We believe that this practice better meets the Internet's original founding concept for information being made freely available to all, including those with very little bandwidth to spare, or those who cannot afford newer phones, tablets, or computer machines.

The following websites are a list of sites that adhere to the above standards, intentionally or otherwise. If you have built a site that does as well, please add it here for public reference.


Search Engines


A search engine that converts both search results and websites to basic HTML, and consolidates images in order at the top of each page.


A search engine that exclusively returns user-submitted sites that are naturally frugal on JavaScript, CSS, and ad use. Requires SSL.

News and Information Sites


A simple RSS aggregator heavily inspired by the FrogFind search engine. Registration is quick and easy.

68k News

A news site that converts Google News stories to basic HTML.

Wikipedia Proxy (The Old Net)

The Old Net's proxy to read modern Wikipedia pages with dated browsers.

Specialty Websites (with Message Boards)

Macintosh Garden

A Mac-centric site that preserves a seemingly endless list of abandoned Mac software, provides infrastructure for several other New Old Websites, and is home to a lively community of warm and friendly people.

System 7 Today

A System 7-centric site that hosts articles, tutorials, and forums for Classic Mac OS discussion.

Mac OS 9 Lives

A Mac OS 9-centric site that offers downloads, information, and a dedicated forum focused on using Mac OS 9 in the modern day.

NeXT Computers

A NeXT-centric site that hosts software, files, magazine articles, and an active forum surrounding the continued use and discussion of NeXT workstations.

IRIX Network

An SGI-centric site that boasts an expansive library of software, hardware information, and a knowledgeable forum for the continued use and maintenance of Silicon Graphics visual workstations in the 21st century.

Specialty Websites (without Message Boards)

Based Cooking

A food-centric site that houses a wealth of user-submitted recipes for various foods and dishes. Requires SSL.

PowerBook Information & Resource Archive

A PowerBook-centric site that serves an enormous amount of hardware documentation, software, and media.

Classic Mac Networking

Everything you always wanted to know about classic Mac networking.


Providing guides and tips for using early Apple computers and Mac OS 9 in a more modern world.

Rhapsody Resource Page

Learn all about installing, using, and configuring Rhapsody, Apple's early prototype of Mac OS X.

Some guy's website boasting a thoughtful variety of Silicon Graphics stuff, like a detailed expanse of hardware information, software information, fun stuff, and loads of other cool stuff.

retro remotecpu

A retro-specific website hosting hoards of software for DOS, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Classic Mac OS.

Starring the Computer

A TV and film-centered website cataloging every computer appearance in movies and TV shows from every different manufacturer.

The Cyber Vanguard

A millennium-themed website with hoards of nostalgic components and memorabilia from the typical late 90s to early 2000s Internet, like a massive collection of 88x31 GIF badges, guestbooks, images, rudimentary blogs, and interesting UNIX utilities.

Multimedia Websites


A QuickTime movie sharing site for watching user-submitted QuickTime movies on old hardware.


A Flash content sharing site for playing user-submitted Flash games and videos on slightly less old hardware.

Personal Websites

VGA - Life Without Megapixels

Dronecatcher's personal website.

Europa's Macintosh Mansion

Europa / RogerWilco6502's personal website.

Floodgap Systems

Cameron Kaiser's personal website.

Ameowli / Doq's personal website.


Danny Wolfer's (Legowelt) music website.

Other Websites

Macintosh Garden Web Hosting

A website / file hosting service provided by Macintosh Garden that allows anyone to upload their own websites or files, resulting in a GeoCities-like neighborhood of websites.

Macintosh Garden Image Hosting

An image hosting service provided by Macintosh Garden that allows anyone to upload their own images for sharing elsewhere.

The Old Net

A front-end for The Wayback Machine that has better compatibility with old browsers to view and interact with websites of yore.

Website Wish ListAdditional news site

News site that doesn't use Google News as the source for less reliance on MSM; preferably includes images and light formatting.

Image sharing site

Site could be used for retro setups, desktops, landscapes, and others; images might be limited to 1024 x 768 as max resolution.

Video sharing site for Windows, Linux, and UNIX clients

One that might host MP4 video files with MPEG-2 video encoding for the best playback performance and platform compatibility.

Chat room site

A casual chat site used for instant messaging between anonymous or identified users spanning varied topics. Chat rooms should also be moderated in some form to protect younger users.

Promotional Badges

If you have a Web 1.1-compliant website and you'd like to raise awareness in support of the Web 1.1 initiative, please feel free to embed any one of the following badges into it, preferably linked to this address:

Also, feel equally free to add to this guide as new sites (or ideas) are born.