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In 2002 Plantlife ran a "County Flowers" campaign to assign flowers to each of the counties of the United Kingdom and the Isle of Man. The results of this campaign designated a single plant species to a "county or metropolitan area" in the UK and Isle of Man.[1] Some English counties already had flowers traditionally associated with them before 2002, and which were different from those assigned to them by Plantlife, including the white rose for Yorkshire (assigned the harebell), the poppy for Norfolk (assigned the Alexanders), and the cowslip for Essex (assigned the poppy). Some flowers were assigned to multiple counties.


Isle of Man[edit]

Northern Ireland[edit]




  1. ^ Initially, Alexanders was selected for Norfolk, with poppy selected for Essex alone. Public pressure led to change,[31][32]
  2. ^ The Isle of Man has a traditional national flower (it is not a county), the "Cushag" or ragwort.[49]