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A roads in Zone 1 of the Great Britain numbering scheme - Wikipedia

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Road From To Notes A1 A1211 at Museum of London, Central London Edinburgh Often called the "Great North Road". London sections of road covered by separate A1 road (London) article. May have originally started at St Paul's Cathedral. A10 Central London

(The Monument) A47 in King's Lynn Section round Cambridge overlaps M11 and A14. The starting point in London is also the start of the A3 road. A11 Central London

(Aldgate) A147, Inner Ring Road in Norwich Section between Bow and Stump Cross (M11 J9) superseded by A12 and M11. Section round Newmarket overlaps A14. A13 also starts at Aldgate. A12 Central London

(Blackwall) Lowestoft Section round Ipswich overlaps A14. Section between Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth redesignated as A47 in 2017. A13 Central London

(Aldgate) Shoeburyness, Essex Old section of road replaced by A1306. New section is the Dagenham to Thurrock Bypass. At Canvey Island, road exit is A13, while continuing on current road is A130. A11 also starts at Aldgate. A14 M6 motorway, Catthorpe Interchange A154 at Felixstowe Port Originally the A14 was the Old North Road, which forms part of the Roman Road known as Ermine Street. It ran from Royston in Hertfordshire through Huntingdon to meet with the A1 south of Alconbury. The Royston-Huntingdon section was renumbered the A1198 to discourage through traffic; the section north of Huntingdon remained longer, but became a spur of the A604, and is now a spur of the current A14 although no number appears on signs. A15 A1(M) at Norman Cross near Peterborough  Hessle, near Hull Crosses Humber Bridge. Used to cross Humber on ferry and run along platform of New Holland railway station. A16 A180 near docks in Grimsby A47 Peterborough* Stretch between Spalding and Peterborough replaced the A1073 which was downgraded because it went on a similar alignment to the bypass, the previous road from Spalding to Stamford becoming the A1175. A17 A1/A46 at Winthorpe, near Newark-on-Trent A47 near King's Lynn Originally started in Swaffham. A18 Balby Interchange near Doncaster A16 Ludborough bypass Ludborough Largely superceded by M180. The section of M180 between Hatfield and the M18 was designated A18(M) between 1972 and 1979. A19 A638 north of Doncaster A1 at Seaton Burn, north of Newcastle upon Tyne. The section through and north of the Tyne Tunnel was previously the route of the A1. Road From To Notes A100 Bricklayers Arms, South London Tower Hill, City of London Part of the London Inner Ring Road. Crosses Tower Bridge. A101 A13 at Limehouse A200 in Rotherhithe Rotherhithe Tunnel A102 Charlton Clapton Includes the Blackwall Tunnel and former A102(M) motorway south of the tunnel. Section between A13 and Hackney Wick redesignated as A12. A103 A1 in Highbury A504 in Hornsey The northern end of this road is called Tottenham Lane but actually it is Arsenal whose stadium (Emirates Stadium, originally Highbury Stadium) it will go past at the other end. Crosses the route of the former Seven Sisters to Alexander Palace railway line. A104 A11 A1 at Islington Green A121 in Epping, Essex The northern section of this road, beyond Woodford Green, was originally A11. Passes through Epping Forest. A105 A104 in Canonbury A110 Enfield Town Formerly continued north to end on A10 (now A1010) south of Waltham Cross. A106 A107 in Hackney A12 in Wanstead Formerly ended at Leytonstone, but according to some maps seems to have taken over bits of the old A11 and A12. Originally, the number referred to the A12 Eastern Avenue section. A107 A11 in Whitechapel A503 at Manor House via Hackney and Clapton. Section between Stamford Hill Road (A10) and Seven Sisters Road originally B106. The section in Hackney was previously B109 and B110 but became A107 when original route (Mare Street) was pedestrianised. A108 Unused Was allocated twice. Firstly on what's now the A1080 and A10, from the A105 junction at Wood Green to the A1170 junction at Waltham Cross. Secondly, it was used for what's now the A19 from Seaham to Seaton Burn (at the time, the A19 went on the current A1018). It was sometimes an error for Griggs Approach, which was an extension to the A1083. (Griggs Approach was declassified in 2005). A109 A1010 Whetstone A1000 Tottenham Westernmost side off A1000 as Oakleigh Road North, becomes Oakleigh Road South, then re-appears off A1003 Friern Barnet Road as Station Road, across the A406 into Bounds Green Road. To the East of A105 Green Lanes as Lordship Lane crossing the A1080 and the A10 until it hits A1010 Tottenham High Road. A110 A104 in Woodford Green A1000 at Barnet via Enfield A111 A406/A10 at Palmers Green A1000 in Potters Bar Originally continued along current B556 to A5 (now A5183) via South Mimms. A112 A121, south of Waltham Abbey A117 at Woolwich Ferry Passes London City Airport. A113 A12 at Leytonstone A128 near Chipping Ongar Originally continued to A414. Short extension in Leytonstone when A11 downgraded to A1199. A114 A112 at Plaistow A104 at Whipps Cross Part of the North Circular Road until the 1980s relief road (A13) opened. A115 Unused Ran from Hackney Wick to Stratford. Eliminated in 2010; now Chapman Road, Rothbury Road, White Post Lane, and Carpenters Road. The original alignment went from Leytonstone to Valentines, which is now mostly part of the A12, which was rerouted along similar roads. A116 A118 at Manor Park A114 at Wanstead The majority of the route formed part of the North Circular Road until the 1980s. A117 A116 at Aldersbrook Woolwich Ferry Woolwich Ferry Approach forms a small part of the North Circular Road. Originally much more of the route formed the North Circular Road. Meets the A112 head-on at Woolwich Ferry. A118 A12 at Bow A12 near Romford Section between Bow and Stratford was A11, with the section east of Stratford forming the original A12. An older one went from Canning Town to Rippleside. This is now part of the A13 (which the old route became an extension of the A124 and A123) A119 A1170 at Ware A602 at Watton-at-Stone See also A602 A120 A10 at Puckeridge Harwich Section between Marks Tey and Colchester overlaps with A12. Passes Parkeston Quay, terminus for ferries to Denmark and The Netherlands, and Stansted Airport. Runs full length of Harwich Quay then becomes unclassified. A121 A10 at Waltham Cross A104 at Woodford Green via Waltham Cross and Buckhurst Hill A122 Unused Ran from Epping to Chelmsford. Rerouted to Hastingwood later. Renumbered as part of the A414 (old route now B183 and A1060). The number may be reused for the Lower Thames Crossing. A123 A113 at Chigwell A13 at Lodge Avenue, Barking East of Barking town centre (Ripple Road) was the original A13. A13 still uses much of the original (albeit dualled) Ripple Road towards Dagenham. A124 A13 at Canning Town (Near Canning Town tube station and A13) Upminster (Near Upminster railway station, B187 and B1421 Western section was the original A13 as far as Barking. Originally ran from the A13 in Barking and terminated on A125. A125 A12 North of Romford A1306 (former A13) at Rainham Section at Roneo Corner overlaps with A124. A126 A13 at West Thurrock Dock Road in Tilbury At junction with A13, only west facing on/off slips are provided. Some maps show A126 continuing to A1089 beyond Dock Road. Originally terminated at Tilbury Riverside Station where a road ferry crossed the Thames to Gravesend. This ferry still runs but for foot passengers only. A127 A12 at Romford A13 at Southend Known as the Southend Arterial Road. Via Basildon; part of the eastern end was A1015. Originally built as single carriageway with provision for dualling later. A128 A13 at Orsett A414 in Chipping Ongar used to run from Tilbury and end on A113. Route from Tilbury now A126 and unclassified. A129 A1023 near Shenfield railway station A13 at Hadleigh Eastbound traffic in Basildon has to use A176 (unsigned) to resume journey on A129. Eastbound traffic on the A132 wishing to join the eastbound A129 where it multiplexes with the A132 requires a u-turn at the next roundabout. A130 A131 at Little Waltham B1014 at Canvey Island Used to start at Trumpington, near Cambridge. Originally ended on the A129 near Rayleigh until extended to the A127 and then Canvey Island.In 2008 from Dunmow to Chelmsford the road was downgraded to B1008. A131 A131 on Little Waltham bypass A134 at Sudbury Much of the one-way system in Sudbury, now the A131, was originally the A134 before the bypass opened. A132 A13 in Pitsea, Basildon Unclassified road near South Woodham Ferrers Originally allocated to the road from Colchester to Huntingdon (became part of A604, now A1124, A1017, A143, A1307, A14). A133 A1124 (former A12) near Colchester Clacton-on-Sea, sea front by way of Elmstead Market, Frating, Great Bentley and Weeley (Main route uses a bypass at Weeley). Has a spur from A12 to A120 at Hare Green. To the East of Hare Green, crosses former A604 (now unclassified). The Colchester bypass was originally the A12 and later became the A604. A134 A10, south of King's Lynn A133 in Colchester Although this road forms the Sudbury bypass, it's the route through the town centre (A131) which has primary status. A spur of the A134 near Stradsett used to link to the A1122 (former A47) at Crimplesham. Later unclassified, this spur is still heavily used to avoid the awful staggered junction with the A1122 at Stradsett a little further north. A135 A1130/A1305 Ring Road in Stockton-on-Tees A67 at Egglescliffe Originally this number belonged to the road from Colchester to Harwich via Manningtree in Essex; this became part of the A1124 and the A604, and is now shared between the A137 and, east of Manningtree B1352. Traffic from Colchester to Harwich is now directed via the A120. The current A135 follows part of the original route of the A19. A136 A120 in Harwich Harwich International Port Originally this ran from Harwich to Clacton. This extended east to Harwich town later where there is another international port. Later, the section southwest of Harwich became part of an extended B1414. Later, this extended north to Parkeston Quay, west of Harwich. The section from the A120 to Harwich Town was later declassified (it is now Parkeston Road and the B1352), leaving the current section from the A120 to Parkeston Quay (Which was later rerouted on the bypass; the old route is now Station Road). A137 A1214 (former A12) in Ipswich A133 in Colchester This road connects the town centre of Ipswich to Old Stoke by going over the Old Stoke Bridge which traverses the tidal section of the River Orwell.[1] Alton Water reservoir covers part of the former route of the A137 at Tattingstone White Horse. A138 A12 east of Chelmsford A1114 near Chelmsford city centre Partly follows first Chelmsford city centre bypass. One-way eastbound between A1114 and first roundabout. Called Chelmer Road. Previously allocated to a road between Ipswich and Shotley Gate (now B1456). A139 A1305 Ring Road at Stockton-on-Tees A19 south of Billingham Previously allocated to a road between Ipswich and Felixstowe where a road ferry crossed to Harwich. (This became the A45 before the bypasses opened. Note the current A14 (ex-A45) uses none of the former route of the A139.) Only south facing slips are provided at the A19 junction. Traffic must use the A1027 to access the northbound A19. A140 A14 east of Needham Market A149 near Cromer part of original route occupied by Norwich Airport runway. Originally started on the then A45 in Claydon and followed current A14 to present starting point. A141 A47 at Guyhirn A1 & A14 Brampton Hut Originally started on the A17 in Kings Lynn and continued to it's current starting point at Guyhirn. When the new bridge opened over the River Ouse, the A141 swapped routes with the A47 between Kings Lynn and Guyhirn. Subsequently the A47 was diverted onto a new alignment with the former A141 being downgraded to the B1411. This road was later declassified. A142 A141 at Chatteris A1304 (former A11) at Newmarket Used to pass under very low (2.7m) bridge at Ely but diverted on to southern bypass which opened in 2018. Previously met A10 at Ely Cathedral. A143 B1370 at Gorleston on Sea, south of Great Yarmouth A1017 at Haverhill Originally started on A12 in Gorleston and ended in Bury St Edmunds. Extended along course of B1060 to the A604 in Haverhill. However in the 1990s, the A604 was downgraded with the A143 taking the route of the former A604 to end on the bypass. A144 A12 at Darsham A143 at Bungay Originally continued to Norwich, the Bungay-Norwich section since renumbered B1332. Passes former RAF Halesworth which is now owned by Bernard Matthews. A145 A12 at Blythburgh A146 on Beccles bypass Originally started in Bungay and ended as now on the A146 but ran via a different route along the East bank of the River Waveney. This is now mostly the B1062. A146 A140, Outer Ring Road in Norwich A1117 in Lowestoft Originally ended on A12 in Lowestoft. A147 Norwich Norwich Part of the Norwich inner ring road; previously allocated to a road between Norwich and Cromer (now A140). A148 A147, southern bypass at King's Lynn A149 Cromer Cromer-Mundesley section of B1159 (since reclassified to a C road) was previously part of A148 (1935-1960s). Original western end was on A10/A149 near Knights Hill. A149 A47 at Great Yarmouth A148 at Kings Lynn The dual carriageway section in Great Yarmouth was previously the A47 as was Hardwick Road in Kings Lynn. The Ormesby bypass used to be the A1170. Stalham bypass occupies former railway alignment. Passes old AA phone box in layby near Hunstanton. A150 Unused Previously allocated to a road between Wisbech and Long Sutton. It is now the A1101[2] and B1359. The southern end around Wisbech is unclassified. A151 A1 interchange at Colsterworth A17 at Holbeach via Twenty, Bourne (old route now B1151). Pinchbeck Road in Spalding was originally the A16. A152 A52 in Donington A16 at Surfleet Originally terminated on A16 east of Gosberton. Extended to current terminus when the new section of A16 opened in the 1990s. A153 A607 bypass at Honington A16 bypass at Louth Originally passed through Sleaford on the current B1517. At Tattershall, the original river bridge remains but is closed to traffic. A154 A14 north of Felixstowe A14 Felixstowe docks The original alignment went from Mablethorpe to Donington (originally ended in Swineshead) with a spur to Swineshead (now the A52). The current A154 is the original route of the then A45 into Felixstowe, although the final section by the river has been lost to redevelopment. A155 A153 at Tumby A16 at West Keal via Mareham Le Fen and Revesby. A156 A57 in Drinsey Nook A631 in Gainsborough Has two arms in Gainsborough as traffic for A631 eastbound and A159 must turn right after passing under two railway bridges. The main route ahead only provides access to the westbound A631. Partly follows the Foss Dyke. A157 A158 in Wragby A1104 in Maltby le Marsh Original route in Louth now B1200. Multiplexes with A153 along Louth bypass. Original bridge across River Great Eau now a layby. Until 1935, started on A15/A46 in Lincoln which is now mostly the A158. A158 A46 in Lincoln A52 in Skegness Follows former Roman road from Langham to Lincoln. Originally started at A154 by Skegness railway station. Section of route towards Lincoln was originally the A157 but then became part of an extended A158 which also used the current A15 route to end on the former A15/A46 junction near Pottergate. A159 A18 in Scunthorpe A631 & A156 in Gainsborough The route in Gainsborough as far as the junction with the B1433 is the original route of the A631. Used to continue into Scunthorpe town centre along now unclassified road. Crosses M180 motorway but without a junction. A160 A180 at Ulceby, North Lincolnshire A1173 at Immingham docks Previously allocated to a road between Croxton and Barrow upon Humber (now B1211, A1077 and unclassified). About 1 mile long. A161 A631 on Beckingham bypass A614 at Goole Originally this road continued west to Rawcliffe, but the A614 replaced that section when it was rerouted. The section from Beckingham to the original A614 near East Cowick was originally the B1187 but was upgraded in 1932. A162 A1(M) at Darrington (Junction 40) A659 (former A64) at Tadcaster Although the road commences on the A1(M) there is no connection between the two. The A162 follows the route of the original A1 as far as Ferrybridge. The old A1 continues ahead as the A1246 with traffic for the A162 having to use slip roads. Originally started on former A1 at Brotherton. A163 A19 near Barlby on Selby bypass A614 in Holme on Spalding Moor Originally, this road continued northeast to Driffield, but that section became part of the A614 in 1996. A164 A15 in Hessle A614 at Driffield Originally started in centre of Hull and used the current B1231 and unclassified route via Kirk Ella and Willerby. The current route came into use with the opening of the Humber Bridge and Clive Sullivan Way. Use to pass through Beverly and terminate on the A166 in Driffield town centre. Some maps also mark the A164 as continuing to the A63. A165 A1079 in Kingston upon Hull A171 north of Scarborough The non-primary section near Scarborough was the B1262 until the 1920s. Used to pass through Osgodby (near Filey) but that road is no longer open to through traffic. (A bypass for another village called Osgodby in Yorkshire on the A63 was intended to be built at the same time but this never happened.) A166 A64 at Grimston Bar, York A614 on Driffield bypass Continued to Bridlington until 1996 when the A614 was extended over the Driffield to Bridlington section. Until the opening of the York bypass (A64), started on A66 (later A1079). A167 A168 at Topcliffe A1 at Kenton Bar In County Durham this road largely follows the old course of the A1. Previously allocated to a road between Topcliffe and Thirsk. (now the A168 and B1448). Includes A167(M), the only section of urban motorway built as planned in Newcastle. The section through Newcastle was previously A6127 and A6127(M). Maps show the A167 having two arms north of Gosforth, one towards Westerhope and the other to Kenton. However only the road towards Kenton is signed. A168 A659 at Boston Spa A167 at Northallerton Originally started at Thirsk but expanded south when the A1(M) opened, using one of the carriageways of the former A1. There is a dispute about whether the dual carriageway section known as the Dishforth Spur is part of the A1(M) or the A168(M). A minor detour south of Boroughbridge was a temporary terminus of the A1(M). A169 A64 bypass at Malton A171 west of Whitby via Vale of Pickering. North Yorkshire Moors Railway follows more or less the same route between Pickering and Whitby. Used to meet A171 at Bagdale but was diverted after the river bridge on the route was washed away in the 1930s. Further changed when Whitby bypass opened in 1972, the A171 taking over the A169 route into Whitby as part of the bypass. A170 A19 & A168, south-east of Thirsk A171 & A64 in Scarborough via Sutton Bank, a 1 in 4 climb in the North Yorkshire Moors. Via Beadlam, Pickering and Thirsk town centre, the latter following the alignment of former A19. A171 A66 in Middlesbrough A170 in Scarborough Originally passed over single lane swing bridge in Whitby but this now has a 17 tonne weight limit and followed the current B1460 out of Whitby. A172 A19 at Tontine A66 in Middlesbrough The original route through Stokesley is now the B1365. Passes through Marton, birthplace of Captain Cook. Originally terminated on A178 in central Middlesbrough. A173 A172 bypass at Stokesley A174 north of Skelton-in-Cleveland Original route in Stokesley now part of B1257. Previously ran through centre of Guisborough. A174 A1044 at Thornaby A171 at Whitby Plans for road improvements in the Teesside area would have seen the A174 extended to the A66 with a large junction complete with flyovers at the A19 interchange. Non-primary section between Lazenby and Whitby known as 'The Coast Road'. The modern viaduct near the Skinningrove steel works replaced the original Victorian viaduct as part of improvements to the A174. A175 Unused Previously a road between South Bank and Normanby. The entire route is unclassified but for several years the A175 ended on the B1380 (the former route of the A174). A176 A13 in Vange, near Basildon A129 in Billericay via Basildon. Previously allocated to a road between Thornaby and Middlesbrough (now old A66). A177 A1305 & A139 in Stockton A167 south of Durham Route through Coxhoe now B6291 with a weight limit. Now uses formerly unclassified Tursdale Road. Originally started on former A1 (now A167) north of Durham. A178 A66 in Middlesbrough A689 near the harbour in Hartlepool Crosses the transporter bridge in Middlesbrough. The road between Seaton Carew and Port Clarence was originally a private toll road built by the Tees Concervancy Commission in January 1919 which was only open during daylight hours. It was taken over by the local authority in December 1919 by mutual agreement becoming the A178 in 1923. A179 A19 near Wingate A689 in Hartlepool The A689 and B1376 start at the same rounadabout in Hartlepool as the A179. Original route through Hart Village now unclassified. A180 M180 at Barnetby-le-Wold A46 near Cleethorpes Previously allocated to a road between Durham and Byers Garth (now B1198); originally proposed on what is now the A1086. Section from A16 Lock Hill Roundabout (which terminates there) to A46 originally A1031. A181 A690 at Durham A19 near Castle Eden Route in Durham is part of the original A690 alignment. Meets the B1198 near Sherburn House Hospital. The B road has priority there as it was the A180 until the 1970s. A182 A194(M) near Washington Unclassified road in Seaham Currently southbound traffic on the A19 wishing to access the A182 towards Washington must use the next junction (A1086) and pass through Easington Village as no southbound offslip on the A19 is provided at Easington on to the A182. A183 A1(M), Junction 63 near Chester-le-Street A194 & A1018 in South Shields via Sunderland. Crosses Wearmouth Bridge (former A19) in Sunderland. Passes Penshaw Monument, built to resemble a Greek temple. A184 A1018 (former A19) near Sunderland A1 at Gateshead Quays Interchange, west of Gateshead Section between White Mare Pool and A19 originally part of A1 when that road used the Tyne Tunnel. Passes Sunderland Greyhound Stadium. Originally started in Newcastle city centre. A185 A184 Heworth station near Felling A194 near South Shields Originally continued to Chichester along current A194 and B1298 to end on the A19 (now A1018), Westhoe Road. The former route in Chichester is now unclassified. Used to run along now unclassified High Street in Jarrow. A186 A1, Denton Burn Interchange Newcastle upon Tyne A192 at Earsdon, North Shields Originally started on A689 in Pilgrim Street in Newcastle city centre. Ran via Neptune Street (now the A187) to Wallsend ending back on the A689. A1 to city centre was previously the A6115 and A69. A187 A193 in Heaton A193 in North Shields The roundabout just to the east of the Tyne Tunnels used to provide access for traffic using the tunnel when there was only the one bore. Now only traffic leaving the original tunnel can access it. Originally only ran from the A693 (current A193) in Rosehill to the A192 near the North Shields ferry. A188 A193 at Byker A189, near Forest Hall via Heaton. Originally started on A1 (now B1318) in city centre to end on the A192 in Earsdon. This route now forms part of the A1058. A189 A184 in Gateshead Newcastle upon Tyne A1068 north of Ashington St James Boulevard follows the alignment of the planned Central Motorway West. Passes St James's Park, home to Newcastle United FC. Grandstand Road in Town Moor is named in honour of the racecourse which once occupied part of the now protected Town Moor. Passes former Woodhorn colliery, now a museum. A190 A189 on Dudley bypass, North Tyneside A193 in Seaton Sluice Known locally as The Avenue, this was originally the drive to Seaton Delaval Hall which is now owned by the National Trust. A191 A6085 at Kenton Bar A193 in Whitley Bay Originally started on the then A188 in Holystone. Silver Lonnen was originally the B6340. Route in Gosforth was the originally part of the A188. A192 A193 in North Shields A197 bypass north of Morpeth via Cramlington and Morpeth. Originally ran from North Shields to the then A194 in Shankhouse. Cramlington to Morpeth formerly A195. A193 A1068 in Bedlington A167(M) in Newcastle city centre Metro runs in elevated section above central reservation between the River Ouseburn and Byker Metro station. Via Wallsend, Rosehill, North Shields, Tynemouth and Bedlington. Prior to World War II, only ran from Tynemouth to Blythe. The section from Newcastle was the A695, section from Blythe to Bedlington the A194 and section through Bedlington the A1062. A194 A194(M) in Wardley, Gateshead A183 in South Shields Previously allocated to a road between Seaton Burn and Blyth (now A1068, A192, B1505 (former A189), A193, B1329 (former A193)). A195 A195(M) near Washington A184 in Wardley Previously allocated to a road between Morpeth and Plessey Checks (now A192). Route originally designated A1231, except for the small section between the A184 and close to the current junction with the A194(M) which was then the end of the A182. The former junction with the A182 no longer exists, A196 A192 in Morpeth A197, east of Ashington via Guide Post. Guide Post to A192 originally A1063. A197 A1 north of Morpeth B1334 in Newbiggin-by-the-Sea Originally ended on A196 in Ashington and passed through Pegswood. A198 A199 in Tyninghame A1, north of Tranent Originally terminated on A1 at both ends. Via North Berwick and Whitekirk. A199 A901 in Leith A1 on Thistly Cross Roundabout, Dunbar Joppa to Dunbar originally the route of the A1. Road From To Notes A1000 Highgate Welwyn Formerly the A1. Previously allocated to a road from the A503 at Finsbury Park Station to the A504 at Muswell Hill and is now part of the A1201. A1001 Near Hatfield Hatfield Was created when the A1 bypass was built and the A1000 was created. Previously allocated to a road along what is now the A10 from the A108 (now A1080) to A10 in Tottenham. At the time, the A10 went north along what is now the A1010. A1002 Unused Ran from A10 to A503 in Tottenham. (Became part of the A10 one-way system (which was later rerouted onto Monument Way rather than Chesnut Road) and is now part of the A503; at the time, the A503 followed Broad Lane) A1003 Southgate North Finchley A1004 Southgate Palmers Green A1005 Potters Bar Enfield A1006 Leyton Walthamstow A1007 Unused Ran from A104 to A1199 in Woodford, London. (now Snaresbrook Road) A1008 Snaresbrook Wanstead Section south of A12 formerly part of the A114. Formerly continued north via High Street to the A11, now the A1199. A1009 South Chingford Woodford A1010 Tottenham Waltham Cross Former A10 alignment. Previously allocated to a road from Canning Town to North Woolwich (now A1011, Victoria Dock Road, and A112). A1011 West Ham Silvertown Portion east of A1020 is now part of A1020. A1012 North Stifford Grays A1013 Stanford-le-Hope Grays Former A13 alignment (pre-1980s) between Stanford and Lodge Lane, Grays. The section between Lodge Lane and Grays town centre was the original alignment of the A1013. Lodge Lane between A1013 and A1306 is presently unclassified but was also part of the A13 till the 1980s. Locals commonly call this road the "old A13". A1014 Stanford-le-Hope Coryton Refinery A1015 Rayleigh Eastwood A1016 Widford, Essex Springfield, Essex Previously allocated to a road from Writtle Road (then the A122) to Moulsham Street (then the A12) in Chelmsford via New London Road. The road in Shoeburyness mistakenly shown as the A1016 is in fact the B1016. A1017 Haverhill Gosfield A1018 South Shields A19 near Seaham Former A19 alignment; a former alignment went along the old A1 through Grantham (now B1174), and the original alignment went from A137 west of Manningtree to Mistley (became A137 spur, now B1352 spur). A1019 Harlow Harlow The original A1019 went from Harwich to Parkeston (became part of the A604, later part of the A136, now Parkeston Road and Station Road) A1020 East India Docks Beckton The original A1020 went from Great North Road (then the A1) to Crosshall Road (then the A45) in St Neots via St Neots Road. A1021 Felixstowe Felixstowe Formerly part of the A139. Previously allocated to a road from Buckden, Cambridgeshire to Brampton (became part of the A141, now a spur of the B1514) A1022 Ipswich Ipswich Previously allocated to a road in Bury St Edmunds along Westgate Street and Guildhall Street from Crown Street (then part of the A45) to Abbeygate Street (then part of the A45, which the A14 replaced the eastern section of)) A1023 Brook Street (Brentwood) Mountnessing Former A12 alignment. Previously allocated to a road from A47 to A134 in Crimplesham (now Main Road). A1024 Norwich Old Catton The section from the A1074 to King Street (the original section) was mostly replaced by the A147, but Earlham Road section is now the B1108 and the Heigham Road section is unclassified. A1025 Harlow Harlow Previously allocated to a road from the A146 (now A147) in Norwich via King Street, Koblenz Avenue, and Carrow Road to Thorpe Road (then the A47, now the A1242). A1026 Ran along North Quay and Fuller's Hill (now part of the B1141) in Great Yarmouth from the A12 (now A1243) to the A47 (now Northgate Street). A1027 Hartburn Billingham Previously allocated to a road along Chapel Road in Wisbech. This was redesignated as the B1442 when the A47 was rerouted off of North Brink and Barton Road (which became the B1441), and became the C313 when the B1441 became the C312. A1028 Ulceby Cross Candlesby A1029 Scunthorpe Scunthorpe A1030 Ran from the A1243 in Nunsthorpe to Cleethorpes (now part of the A46). A1031 Cleethorpes Mablethorpe A1032 Hemlington Portrack Previously allocated to a road from Hatfield, South Yorkshire to Thorne (became part of the mainline A614, now the A1146). Later allocated to a road from Hoddesdon to St. Margarets (became part of the B180, and is now the C43). A1033 Kingston upon Hull Withernsea A1034 A63 at South Cave A1079 at Market Weighton A1035 B1242 at Hornsea A1079 near Beverley Formerly started at A165 at Leven but extended when B1244 was reclassified as A1035 in 2013. A1036 Copmanthorpe Huntington Originally assigned to Low Petergate, Colliergate, Fossgate and Walmgate through downtown, but was shifted to the eastern half of the inner ring road when that was built. The remainder of the route is the A64 through York prior to the York By Pass. A1037 Chingford Chingford Waltham Way, runs alongside the River Lee Diversion and William Girling Reservoir. Previously allocated to a road from the A165 east to Manor Street in Bridlington (now part of the A1038). A1038 Bridlington Bridlington A1039 Staxton Filey A1040 Ran from the A174 north to downtown Redcar (now the B1269). A1041 A614 Selby Previously allocated to a proposed road from Middlesbrough to Redcar, but this was opened as the A1085 instead. The A1041 was instead allocated to a road between Goole and Holme-on-Spalding-Moor (this became part of the A614 which also replaced part of the A161 from Goole to west of Rawcliffe, and the A1041 was reassigned to the old route of the A614) A1042 Duplicated, one in Redcar, one in Norwich Norwich version post-dates Redcar, part of the Norwich outer ring road, previously A47 and B1454. See Anomalously numbered roads in Great Britain A1043 Nunthorpe Nunthorpe Nunthorpe Bypass A1044 Yarm Hemlington Originally went northeast along what is now the B1380 between what was previously the A1045 to the A174. A1045 Unused Ran from Thornaby-on-Tees to Stockton-on-Tees (now A1044 and Thornaby Road; the A1044 went northeast on what is now the B1380). A1046 Stockton-on-Tees Port Clarence A1047 Unused Ran along East Street in Darlington. A1048 Hartlepool Hartlepool A1049 Hartlepool Hartlepool A1050 Unused Ran from Farewell Hall to Durham (now A177/South Road and Church Street) A1051 Unused Ran from A177/Hallgarth Street to Crossgate (now A177, Quarryheads Lane, and Margery Lane) A1052 Houghton Gate Houghton-le-Spring A1053 Lazenby Grangetown Previously allocated to a road from Chester-le-Street from Newcastle Road (then the A1) to Picktree Lane (then the A693, which went west via Pelton Lane); this became part of the A693, and later, when the Chilton bypass was built, also became part of the A167. A1054 Norwich Norwich Previously allocated to a road from the A19 (now the B1285) east to Seaham (now the B1404 and B1287). A1055 Tottenham Hale Waltham Cross Previously allocated to a road from the A184 east of Gateshead to the A185 in South Shields (now part of the A194). A1056 North Brunton Killingworth A1056 Hazlerigg Backworth Previously allocated to a road from A185 in Jarrow via Monkton Terrace (later closed), Grange Road, and Staple Road/Ferry Street to the dock, where the ferry ran. A1057 Hatfield St Albans Previously allocated to a road in Newcastle upon Tyne from A695 (this section now part of the A186) via Pilgrim Street and Northumberland Street to the B1318 (then part of the A1). A1058 Newcastle upon Tyne Tynemouth A1059 Unused Ran from London Road (this was then A1184, but now B1383) to A1250 in Bishop's Stortford (now South Street, Potter Street, and North Street, with southbound traffic going on Dane Street and Station Road; now the B1529). Previously allocated to a road from Gosforth to Longbenton (now part of the A191) A1060 Bishop's Stortford Sandon Previously allocated to a road from Longbenton to West Moor (now part of the A188, which previously went northeast via the current A191 routing and A186 routing to the A192) A1061 Shankhouse South Beach, Blyth A1062 Hoveton Potter Heigham Previously an eastward continuation of the B1354. Previously allocated to a road from Bebside to Bedlington (now part of the A193) A1063 Ran from Wendens Ambo to Saffron Walden (replaced the southernmost section of B1052, but became part of the B1052 again when the M11 was constructed). Previously allocated to a road from Morpeth to Guide Post (now part of the A196; at the time the A196 went south via the current A1068 to the A192). A1064 Acle Near Caister-on-Sea Originally Beach Road in Caister-on-Sea, later extended to Acle, but the section on Norwich Road and the original section on Beach Road was declassified when the A149 was rerouted A1065 Mildenhall Fakenham A1066 Thetford Diss A1067 Norwich Fakenham significant portion is now B1454 between Tattersett and Heacham via Docking A1068 Seaton Burn Alnwick A1069 Chingford Buckhurst Hill A1070 Stevenage Previously allocated to a road from the A12 (now the A1124) in Colchester to the A133 in Greenstead (this became the B1422, and is now part of the A134). Another disputed A1070 was on Fairland Way in Stevenage. A1071 Newton, Suffolk Ipswich A1072 Stevenage Stevenage Previously allocated to a road from Witcham Toll to Stretham (the east-west section became part of the A1123, while the north-south section became a spur of the A1123, and is now the A1421) A1073 Unused Ran from Eye to Spalding. It was downgraded to two C-roads, because the bypass was open, but the new bypass became part of the A16 road, while the old route of the A16 became the A1175. A1074 New Costessey Norwich Previously part of the A47 prior to the construction of the Norwich southern bypass; formerly used on the Norwich Ring Road. The original A1074 was from the current A1074 (then part of the A47) north to what is now the A1402 (became an extension of the A1024). A1075 Thetford East Dereham Previously allocated to a road from Donington to Baythorpe (became part of the A154, now the A52). A1076 Gaywood Kings Lynn Previously allocated to a road from Gunness to Scunthorpe (now part of the A18, which at the time went east from Gunness via what is now the B1450) A1077 Scunthorpe South Killingholme A1078 Kings Lynn South Wootton Previously allocated to a road from Guide Post to west of Ashington (now part of the A1068). A1079 York Kingston upon Hull A1080 Turnpike Lane Underground station Tottenham Formerly numbered as part of the A108; the original route went from the A11 (now Broadway) to the A12 (now Broadway) in Stratford (now a spur of the A118/The Grove). A1081 Luton High Barnet Previously allocated to present A1400 and A406 from Gants Hill to Walthamstow Forest. This road was originally the A6. Its actual numbering is curious because it is out of zone. A1082 A148 A149 at Sheringham Previously numbered as the B1158; original location was on what is now the western half of the Whipps Cross Roundabout A1083 Becontree Heath Ilford A1084 Brigg Caistor A1085 Middlesbrough A174 south of Marske-by-the-Sea A1086 Easington Hartlepool A1087 Beltonford Broxburn A1088 Woolpit Thetford A1089 Orsett Heath Tilbury Cruise Terminal this is the Trunk Road into Tilbury (and not the A13!) Previously allocated to the current B149 from Little Thurrock to Chadwell St Mary. A1090 Purfleet West Thurrock Created in 2013, when the old A1090 along New Tank Hill Road and London Road in Purfleet was declassified. A1091 Unused Ran along Lordship Road in Writtle from A414 (now A1060) to Ongar Road (then the A122). A1092 Baythorne End Long Melford A1093 Unused Ran from Main Road (then part of the A12, which went west via the current A1214) in Martlesham to west of Kirton (now Felixstowe Road, Gloster Road, Barrack Square, and Brightwell Road) A1094 A12 near Stratford St. Andrew Aldeburgh A1095 A12 near Blythburgh Southwold A1096 Galley Hill St Ives Previously allocated to a road from Acle to Great Yarmouth (now part of the A47; at the time the A47 went via the current A1064 and A149 to Great Yarmouth) A1097 Westgate/B1200 (was A157) Louth Grimsby Road/B1502 (was A16) in Louth It directed traffic heading between the west and the north away from the town centre along St Mary's Lane. Downgraded in 1991, when the Louth bypass was opened, to become a spur of the B1200. A1098 New Waltham Cleethorpes A1099 Chelmsford Chelmsford Road From To Notes A1100 Unused Ran from Copdock to Great Blakenham (now B1113, Swan Hill, and The Street). A1101 Bury St. Edmunds Long Sutton A1102 Unused Was the original Lincoln northern bypass, which became the B1273 and a southeastward extension of the B1182 when the newer A46 and A158 Lincoln bypass opened. A1103 West Rasen Osgodby Moor A1104 Ulceby Cross Mablethorpe A1105 Kingston upon Hull Near Hessle A1106 Unused Ran from Pinchbeck Road (then the A16) to Commercial Road (then the A151) in Spalding via Elloe Avenue (now part of the A151). A1107 Cockburnspath Near Burnmouth A1108 Chirton Billy Mill A1109 Unused Ran from Lincoln Road in New England, Peterborough to Eastfield Road in Newark, Peterborough via St. Pauls Road, Dogsthorpe Road, Elmfield Road, and Newark Avenue. Previously allocated to a road from the A175 (now Normanby Road) in South Bank to the A1085 in Grangetown. This became the B1446 and is now Middlesbrough Road, Eston Road, A66 and A1053. A1110 New Southgate A406 The western section of Bowes Road that passes through Arnos Grove. A1111 Alford Sutton-on-Sea Subject of the song 'the A1111' by John Shuttleworth, the stage persona of Graham Fellows. Previously allocated to another road elsewhere, but it is unknown where the previous route was. A1112 Abridge Dagenham Southern section used to follow what is now A1240, and formerly, north of the A12 it was B196 as far as Hainault Forest and north of there part of a much longer B174, while south of the A124 it was part of a much longer B178. A1113 Unused Ran from A1099 to A138 in Chelmsford (now the B1137). A1114 Duplicated, one in Gateshead, one in Chelmsford See Anomalously numbered roads in Great Britain. Previously allocated to a road from A12 (now A1071) in Ipswich to A45 (now A1156) as the Ipswich north bypass. The section from west A1071 junction to east A1071 junction became part of the A12 (now the A1214), leaving the section from the A12 to the A45. The remaining section became part of the A45 (now the A1189) later. A1115 Unused Ran from Winceby (original west end was at Spilsby) to Scremby (now B1195, Ashby Road, and Northfield Road). A1116 Unused Ran from downtown Beccles to the A144 in Bungay (now Ballygate, B1062 and B1435). A1117 Carlton Colville Corton A1118 Unused Was a loop around the A12 in Lowestoft via Marine Parade (became one way; now B1532). A1119 Unused Ran from Lincoln Road (then the A15) in Peterborough via Burghley Road and Crawthorne Road to Eastfield Road (then the A47). Previously allocated to another road elsewhere, but it is unknown where the previous route was. A1120 Combs Ford Yoxford Previously allocated to a road in Cambridge from Newnham Road (then the A603) to Newmarket Road (then the A45) (now the A603/A1134 multiplex) A1121 Boston Swineshead Bridge Previously allocated to another road elsewhere, but it is unknown where the previous route was. A1122 Outwell Swaffham A1123 Huntingdon Soham A1124 Sible Hedingham Colchester Original section on East Street and Greenstead Road was declassified when the A134 was rerouted. A1125 Unused Ran from Thorpe Road (then part of the A47) in Peterborough via Thorpe Park Road, Grange Road, and Westfield Road to the A15. A1126 Unused Ran from A14, later A604 spur (now A1307) in Huntingdon to A141 (now B1514) east of Huntingdon (now A141, B1044, B1514). A1127 Unused Ran from downtown Peterborough to Eastfield Road (then part of the A47) via Broadway. A1128 Unused Ran from A1126 (now Ermine Street) to A141 (now Hartford Road) in Huntingdon via Cromwell Walk and Brookside (now B1514). A1129 Fletton Woodston, Cambridgeshire A1130 Stockton-on-Tees Acklam A1131 Unused Ran from Milton Road (then the A10) to Parker Road (A603) in Cambridge via Victoria Avenue, Emmanuel Road, and Parker Street. A1132 Unused Ran from Cambridge to Chesterton via Chesterton Road. A1133 Winthorpe Torksey A1134 Cambridge Cambridge Also the Cambridge Ring Road A1135 Unused Ran on the old alignment of the A47 through Wisbech (now the B198). A1136 Healing Grimsby A1137 Boston Boston A1138 Boston Boston Docks A1139 Eye Orton, Peterborough Doubles as Fletton Parkway, part of Peterborough's Parkway system and a major part of the city's road network. A1140 Edinburgh Edinburgh This road runs from the A1 at Piershill to A199 at Portobello. The whole length of the road is called Portobello Road. A1141 Hoggard's Green Hadleigh A1142 Unused Ran from St. John's Street/Cornhill (then the A45) east via Brentgovel Street and Looms Lane to Northgate Street (then the A134) in Bury St Edmunds. A1143 Unused Ran on St. Mary's Road in Beccles from Ballygate (then part of the A1116) east to Blyburgate (then part of the A146) (now the part of the B1062). A1144 Oulton Lowestoft A1145 Carlton Colville Lowestoft A1146 Hatfield Thorne A1147 Bedlington Stakeford A1148 Monkseaton Whitley Bay A1149 North Shields Chirton A1150 Harrowgate Village Great Burdon A1151 A147 Norwich A149 near Stalham Passes through Wroxham, the 'capital' of the Norfolk Broads A1152 A12 North of Woodbridge Rendlesham A1153 Upney, A13, A123 Becontree, A124 Short link road connecting the A13 at Ripple Road to the A124 at Martins Corner A1155 Stevenage Stevenage A1156 Ipswich Ipswich Former A45 A1157 Unused Ran on the Darlington ring road; became part of the A68 and A167 when the A68 was extended and the A167 was rerouted out of the city centre. A1158 Westcliff-on-Sea Prittlewell A1159 Southend on Sea Southend Airport A1160 Southend on Sea Seafront Short link road from A13 A1161 Unused Ran on the old alignment of the A122 (which was rerouted further north) from Epping to North Weald Bassett (now part of the B181) A1162 Unused Ran from A1102 (now B1273) to A15 in Lincoln (now part of the B1308). A1163 Unused Ran from A1164 (now A1079) to A165 (now Clarence Road) in Kingston upon Hull via Jameson Street, George Street, and Witham. A1164 Unused Ran from A63 (now Alfred Gelder Street) to A1079 (now Prospect Street) in Kingston upon Hull via Carr Lane/Anlaby Road and Ferensway. A1165 A63 in Kingston upon Hull A1079 in Kingston upon Hull A1166 Anlaby Park Kingston upon Hull A1167 Berwick Scremerston Previously allocated to a road from Boroughbridge to Green Hammerton (now the B6265) A1168 Chigwell Rolls Park Loughton Homebase Formerly B171 A1169 Harlow Harlow A1170 Ware Turnford A1171 Annitsford Cramlington A1172 Cramlington Cramlington A1173 Caistor Immingham A1174 Kingston upon Hull Beverley This road includes the notorious Grovehill junction, which has 42 traffic lights. A1175 Spalding Stamford Previous route of A16 road between Spalding and Stamford, before completion of the A1073 upgrade. A1176 A59 in York A19 in York Follows Water End. A1177 Unused Ran from A1105 in Hessle to A164 (now Springfield Way/Gorton Road) in Anlaby (became part of rerouted A164, and later became part of a northward extended B1232). A1178 Unused Temporary designation for what is now the M25 between junctions 23 (South Mimms) and 24 (Potters Bar). Would have been part of the planned M16 (Ringway 3). A1179 Peterborough Longthorpe A1180 Unused Ran from High Street (then the A46, later the B1262, which was declassified in 2017) to Newark Road (then the A46, now the A1434) in Lincoln (now Dixon Street (which was until 2017 the B1360) and A1192 (which was until 2017 part of the B1103)). A1184 Bishops Stortford Harlow Most of this formed the old A11 route between the two towns A1185 Wolviston Seal Sands A1188 Unused Was once reserved for a road with a description of "A406 (T) Woodford Avenue". The A1400 number was used instead. A1189 Rushmere St. Andrew Nacton Heath A1190 Unused Ran from High Street (then the A46, later the B1262, which was declassified in 2017) to Canwick Road (then the 158, now the A15) in Lincoln (became part of rerouted A57, which was rerouted in 2017 and this is now part of the B199) A1191 Proposed Was a proposed road from A1052 in Houghton-le-Spring to B1284 in Rye Hill, and would have probably taken over the B1284 to the A690. It has since been subsumed into a more extensive long-term plan to bypass and reroute the A182 on new construction from Shiney Row to A19 east of Murton via the Central Route, Hetton Bypass and the partially complete East Durham Link Road. A1192 Lincoln North Hykeham New route created in 2017; replaced part of the B1003. A1194 A1042 east of Norwich A1270 Broadland Gate Link A1198 Royston, Hertfordshire Godmanchester, Huntingdonshire Original route of the A14 A1199 Duplicated, one in Islington, London, and one in Woodford, London See Anomalously numbered roads in Great Britain Road From To Notes A1200 Moorfields Eye Hospital Highbury & Islington station A1201 Canonbury Alexandra Palace A1202 Central London (Aldgate) Central London (Shoreditch Part of the London Inner Ring Road A1203 Tower Hill Poplar Includes the Limehouse Link tunnel in Docklands. Number seems also to refer to Butcher Row, a spur that connects to the A13 at Limehouse A1204 A1055 in Kenninghall A406 in Kenninghall Only one sign for this route. The old A1204 went along Wapping High Street and Wapping Wall from the A100 at London Tower to the A1203. A1205 South Hackney Limehouse Burdett Road and Grove Road, crosses A11 at Mile End station. A1206 Limehouse Blackwall This is a crescent-shaped round around the Isle of Dogs. If you actually want to go from Limehouse to Blackwall you would use the A1261 A1207 Hackney Dalston Graham Road with Western boundary at Queensbridge Road where the A104 temporarily heads northbound. A1208 Hoxton Cambridge Heath Hackney Road. A1209 Shoreditch Bethnal Green Bethnal Green Road A1210 Tower Hill Aldgate One-way section of the London Inner Ring Road, mostly Mansell Street, with links via Minories and Goodman's Yard A1211 Barbican Aldgate A1212 Unused Ran from A1213 (Gracechurch Street) to A11 (Leadenhall Street) in London via Fenchurch Street. A1213 Threadneedle Street, London King William Street A1214 Ipswich Martlesham Former route of A12, prior to Ipswich Southern/Eastern by-pass A1231 Washington Central Sunderland Also known as the Sunderland Highway A1232 Colchester A12/A120 Former A12 alignment through northern Colchester. See also A120 A1235 Basildon Basildon Cranes Farm Road, parallels the A127 and the A1321 between the A176 and A132 roads A1237 Copmanthorpe, North Yorkshire A64 York Outer Ring Road (Western & Northern) A1238 Thorpe Willoughby Barlby A1240 Becontree, A124 Dagenham, A1306 Formerly part of the A1112, which was rerouted to the east A1241 Unused Ran along the current B198 from A10 to A121 (now B156) west of Cheshunt; this is now the B198. A1242 Norwich Thorpe St Andrew Previously part of the A47 prior to the construction of the Norwich southern bypass. A1243 Great Yarmouth Great Yarmouth Shares the same number with Scartho Road and a stretch of Louth Road to the south of Grimsby. See Anomalously numbered roads in Great Britain A1244 Reserved for the Northern Gateway Access Road near Waltham Abbey. It would go from the A1055 to A121 if built. A1245 Benfleet Howe Green Previously the A130 A1246 Selby Fork Brotherton Previously part of the A1 A1250 Bishops Stortford Bishops Stortford Forms the "main road" connecting Bishops Stortford (town centre) to the A120. Both ends meet up at the A120. A1251 Romford Romford A1260 Peterborough Peterborough A1261 Limehouse Leamouth Aspen Way, East India Dock Link tunnel, and West India Dock Road in Docklands A1262 Unused Ran on the Aspen Way Tunnel in London Docklands from the A1261 to the A13; this is now part of the A1261. A1263 Unused Ran on Leamouth Road in London Docklands from the A13 to the A1020; this is now part of the A1020. A1270 Taverham Rackheath Norwich Northern Distributor Road A1290 Sunderland Monkwearmouth Sections (East to West) known as Southwick Road, Keir Hardie Way, Queen's Road, Wessington Way A1300 Jarrow South Shields John Reid Road, South Shields southern ring road A1301 Trumpington Stump Cross Previously allocated to a road from Sadlers Farm to Canvey Island. This became part of the A130 and B1014 (the old B1014 became part of the A130). The current A1301 was created on a former section of the A130 when sections of the A130 were downgraded when the parallel M11 was built. A1302 Westley, Suffolk Southgate Bridge A1303 Hardwick Newmarket Former A45 A1304 Six Mile Bottom, Cambridgeshire Water Hall Former A11 A1305 Stockton-on-Tees Stockton-on-Tees A1306 Dagenham, A13 North Stifford Former A13 alignment, with unclassified Lodge Lane connecting to the A1013. Eastern section was the main route till the 1980s. Western section was the main route until as recently as the late 1990s. Along with the A1013, locals commonly refer to this road as the "old A13". A1307 Huntingdon Haverhill Formerly A604 and before that A132. Follows the old route of the A14 over the ECML which will be demolished and replaced with a route that goes through the city centre of Huntingdon in 2021. A1308 Stowmarket Combs Ford A1309 Trumpington, Cambridgeshire Milton, Cambridgeshire Former A10 alignment A1311 South Hornchurch, A1306 South Hornchurch, A13 Marsh Way, link road between A13 and A1306. Briefly part of A13 during completion of Thames Gateway 1998-9. A1321 Basildon Basildon Broadmayne, parallels the A1235 between the A176 and A132 roads A1341 A12 north of Myland A134 in Myland Created in 2015 along the Severalls Link Road. A1358 Unused Mapping error for the A1308. A1400 North Circular Charlie Brown's Roundabout Gants Hill Formerly A406, but this section was only briefly considered part of the North Circular, the latter historically using the A104/A114/A116/A117 until 1987. A1402 Norwich Hellesdon Former routing of the A140 A1421 Haddenham Witcham A1434 Lincoln South Hykeham A1500 Scampton, West Lindsey, Lincolnshire Marton, West Lindsey, Lincolnshire Forms the eastern section of the Roman road from Ermine Street to Bawtry, fording the River Trent at Littleborough (the Roman settlement of Segelocum), then onto the Roman Fort at Doncaster (Danum).